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Inspiring Women for Women’s History and Deaf History Month

Happy woman riding a bicycle

March is Women’s History Month and Deaf History Month.  Let’s take a moment to remember these very inspiring women throughout history that have made significant contributions in science, athletics, the arts, education, and social reform. These successful women overcame many obstacles, and their determination and perseverance continue to empower women today.   Linda Bove  Linda starred… read more >>

Women in STEAM

women in science

March is Women’s History Month, when we remember the vital role of women in our nation’s history. Despite a history of being discouraged from entering them, women have long been making contributions to STEM/STEAM fields.  Their contributions have entered into pop culture with movies like Hidden Figures and fictionalized into TV series like The Bletchley Circle. These books… read more >>

History of Baby Sign Language & Deaf Women in History by Jenni

ASL sign language

History of Baby Sign Language Learn the history of Baby Sign Language (BSL), from its roots in a strange observation made by a 19th century linguist, through to mainstream acceptance in the 2000s. 1800s: William Dwight Whitney discovers children in deaf families outperforming hearing peers. 1980s: Dr. Joseph Garcia rediscovers BSL and starts teaching signing to… read more >>