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Learning new ways to improve writing skills can be fun and easy with a few simple tips, tools and strategies. Children will benefit from creative writing when they are able to release creative energy, use self-expression, foster imagination, enable thought-processing and out of the box thinking. Language skills, a stable emotional development, pride and fun come with the increasing use of writing.   Writing… read more >>

Point of View Writing Prompts

writing journal

“Point of view” refers to the position of the narrative voice when telling a story. A first-person narrator is a character in the story that tells the story to the reader, like in Libba Bray’s YA novel Going Bovine. A third-person narrator tells the story without being a part of the story, as in Beloved by Toni Morrison. Some books may even have multiple narrators,… read more >>

Project Lit Youngstown Writing Prompts


Join Project LIT Youngstown in participating in Project LIT Writing Prompts inspired by The Crossover, hosted by Project LIT Community Share your work with us on Facebook and Instagram @projectLITytown and @librarymahoningcounty and on Twitter @projectLITytown and @PLYMC Be sure to take a look at HMH Books official excerpt of the new Graphic Novel Adaptation of The Crossover by Kwame Alexander