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Calling Teen Volunteers!

teen volunteers

Hi, everyone!  Things are a little crazy right now, and a lot of us are stuck at home.  School is winding down, too, and the opportunities for summer jobs might not be as good as they were in previous years.  So what can you do?  Virtual volunteering, of course!  Volunteering from home is great way to help your community, and many times you’re still able to set your own schedule.  (Basically, you can probably still sleep in.)  And if you go through an organization, it looks amazing on college applications and resumes!  Here’s a list of some opportunities for teens to volunteer from home.

Make a blanket for children.  Are you crafty?  If you can sew, knit, or crochet, check out Project Linus and Binky Patrol.  These organizations help provide blankets for kids in need.  They provide patterns, instructions for donations, and other ways to help.  If you have ever been interested in learning to sew, knit, or crochet or are just beginning the craft, blankets are a great way to practice your new skill!

Virtually visit the isolated. Nursing home residents are extremely isolated right now.  Contact a local nursing home and ask if you can help by mailing in letters and artwork to the residents.  If you’re comfortable performing, ask if you can send in a recording or offer a live virtual performance.

Find a new cause. Do you know you want to help but aren’t sure where to start? is an organization devoted to encouraging youth to take action.  With causes ranging from fighting hunger to mental health awareness to fighting discrimination and ways to act on them, you will have no problem finding a cause that’s important to you.  And some of the projects even give you a chance to win scholarship money!

And don’t forget that you can always call local charities and ask how you can help from home.  Maybe they need help with social media.  Perhaps you can tutor online.  You can also be your own boss.  Organize birthday parades for kids in your neighborhood.  Use chalk to cheer up a neighbor with some chalk art.  There are lots of things out there for you to do, so go find them!

Happy helping!


Sarah is a youth services librarian in Canfield. She pretty much only reads YA books, but she is easily distracted by a good picture book or anything Doctor Who related. Sarah loves to crochet and knit and can usually be found with a pile of yarn in her lap with one of her three dogs nearby. Originally from Texas, she still says “y’all” all the time and refuses to call carbonated beverages “pop.”