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Ideas to Liven Up Your Summer Vacation

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Now that summer vacay is finally here and you don’t have to bog yourself down with school work, here are some things that you can do to keep your summer fun and exciting:  


  1. Take a weird online classUniversal Class is a resource that is completely free with your library card. You could take classes that would help you prep for next year, like English Composition or Algebra, OR you could take some weird and fun classes like Cryptozoology 101 (the study of monsters), this class on haunted places, or even a class on paranormal investigationThere are a bunch of cool and unique classes through Universal Class and they can be quick hour long courses, or a few hours, if you want to span it out. The best part is, there are no time limits so you can take it as slow or as fast as you want!
  2. Start a new hobby: The options are honestly endless. Through the library’s resource, Discover A Hobby, you can find new hobbies that you didn’t even know were a thing! You can go through it on your own, or click “Find a Random Hobby” and they’ll show you some cool options. I learned about Geocaching and Letterboxing through Discover A Hobby and now they’re some of my favorite activities. They make me feel like an adventurer/treasure finder, and who doesn’t love that? They also have stuff like palm and tarot card reading, and things like historical reenactmentsstand up comedy, and skateboarding (and sandboarding, which I didn’t know was a thing).
  3. Start a garden: Not only is gardening great for the earth, it’s also just great for you. Most people don’t know how intense of a workout gardening can be, and there’s just something so cool about eating a vegetable or making a flower bouquet that you grew. There’s an entry for it on Discover a Hobby, but there is also a bunch of different gardening classes on Universal Class. The library has a bunch of different books and dvds that you can get through curbside pickup, and we also have a bunch of digital books to check out right now!
  4. Get active: Now that the weather is nicer, get yourself outside! You can hike through Mill Creek Park’s trailsclimb some trees, become a beachcomber and search for neat shells, build and challenge your friends and family to complete an obstacle course, and much more! 
  5. Get in touch with the past: The past is full of interesting stories, and without them we wouldn’t be here! You could movie marathon it with aIngrid Bergman marathon, an Audrey Hepburn marathon, or a 40s/50s/60s marathon! Or time travel back in time with Ian Mortimer’s “Time Traveler’s Guide” series. Historian Ruth Goodman also has some great books about dawn-to-dusk life in different eras, which are very entertaining and worth checking out. She also had a mini-series called “Edwardian Farm” where she and two other historians lived and worked on a farm as if they were in the Edwardian period! 

There are a whole bunch of things to do over the summer, but one of my favorite things is to do something out of my norm. I love to think out of the box and find new things to do that might surprise me. 

Taylor S.

By day, Taylor is your run of the mill, cardigan-wearing librarian, but by night, she is a cross-stitching, history-loving, classic-movie-watching baker who is carrying on a continuous attempt to sew her own capsule wardrobe. She is probably reading two or three books at any given time.