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Graphic Novels for Animal Crossing Fans

A man playing Animal Crossing
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So you’re a fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?  And you’re super excited that the new amiibo expansion is here?  I don’t blame you!  But, as I’m sure you’ve heard, too much screen time isn’t great for you.  So be sure you’re taking some breaks!  And since you’re on a break from your virtual island paradise, give those eyeballs something different to stare at as you read these graphic novels that can be finished in one sitting. 

Level Up by Gene Luen Yang

The connection is obvious here as the main character loves video games.  Dennis is the son of Chinese immigrants, and all he wants is to play video games like his friends.  In fact, he soon becomes obsessed with them, causing him to flunk out of college.  And after his very strict father dies, Dennis becomes a little lost.  But four little angels (that only Dennis can see) soon show up and help him figure out a much better way to balance school and life. 

Lumberjanes, volume 1: Beware the Kitten Holy by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen, & Shannon Watters

As you know, part of Animal Crossing is making friends.  So if you’re all about friendship to the max, Lumberjanes features a fearsome five-some of friends who would do anything for each other.  Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley are cabinmates at summer camp, but this isn’t your usual camp.  After all, not every camp let’s you fight yetis, solve ancient riddles, and prank your cabin leader all while earning merit badges!  But that’s what these girls will spend the summer doing, and they love every minute of it.  

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

If you’re favorite part of Animal Crossing are the adorable little anthropomorphic animals, then look no further than The Tea Dragon Society.  Tea dragons are absolutely adorable!  Blacksmith apprentice Greta finds a lost tea dragon in the market one day, and soon she’s learning how to care for the beautiful yet delicate creatures from tea shop owners Hesekiel and Erik.  Greta also befriends their young ward Minette, who’s on a journey of discovery much like one of the grieving tea dragons. 

My Riot by Rick Spears & Emmett Helen

Maybe your endgame for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to get K.K. Slider to your island.  So if music is what you love, give My Riot a try.  It’s 1991, and Val has dreamt of becoming a ballerina forever…but lately she’s begun to think that path isn’t for her.  When she meets Kat, Val discovers punk music.  It’s not long before they find a third friend to start their own all-girl punk band just as the riot grrrl movement takes hold.

A man playing Animal Crossing

I’ll let you get back to your game now, but just remember to keep taking breaks!  Stretch your legs as you head to the Library to pick up some amazing graphic novels, and give your eyes a rest as you read them.  Think of it as a new task from Tom Nook.

Happy reading (and gaming)! 


Sarah is a youth services librarian in Canfield. She pretty much only reads YA books, but she is easily distracted by a good picture book or anything Doctor Who related. Sarah loves to crochet and knit and can usually be found with a pile of yarn in her lap with one of her three dogs nearby. Originally from Texas, she still says “y’all” all the time and refuses to call carbonated beverages “pop.”