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Learning to Code for Teens


Learning to code can be challenging, but there are all kinds of resources to help you get started! From beginner to more advanced, here are some options for learning different types of coding languages!

Codecademy is a website full of courses to take to learn Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, C++, and more!  There are courses for each of these that start at the beginner level and help you learn and gain knowledge.  If you aren’t sure where to start for what you want to do, it’s also broken down by subjects like Web Development or Design, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Game Development, Mobile Development, and Code Foundations.  You can check their website or app for everything they have available.

Scratch was created by MIT as a way to learn how to code.  There’s a tutorial for getting started that goes over the basics under the ‘Create’ section, but discover more tutorials under the ‘Ideas’ section that will help with adding animations, sounds, art, music, as well as creating games.  You can share your own creations or test out the creations of others by joining Scratch, which is free!

MIT App Inventor is another coding tool created by MIT that will help with learning how to create apps.  Create an account to begin learning! Try the beginner tutorials to get started or search through basic, intermediate and advanced tutorials to enhance your app-making skills!  You can also share your creations with others!

Khan Academy has courses and help for many subjects, but some are in the area of Computer Programming.  These include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and Hour of Code lessons. They have explanations, documentation, and ways to practice what is learned.  Sign up for free to take a look at everything they have to offer!

Hour of Code has many opportunities to learn code in just an hour!  View activities by grade (limit to 9th grade+) as well as whether you are a beginner or comfortable with coding.  They have activities for block coding, Python, JavaScript, CSS, App Inventing, and more! No account sign up is needed to do the activities.

Books to Check Out!

Beginner’s Step-by-step Coding Course
Beyond The Basic Stuff With Python: Best Practices For Writing Clean Code by Al Sweigart
Code A Minecraft® Mod In JavaScript Step By Step by Joshua Romphf (Hoopla ebook)
Coding Careers Series– Find out about the careers that involve coding! (Hoopla ebook)
Code Like A Girl by Miriam Peskowitz
Computer Coding with JavaScript by Alex Dytrych
Computer Programs and Coding by Nancy Dickmann (Hoopla ebook)
Creative Coding In Python by Sheena Vaidyanathan (Hoopla ebook)
Create Interactive Stories in Twine by Brian Mayer (Hoopla ebook)
Everything You Need to Ace Computer Science and Coding in One Big Fat Notebook by Grant Smith
The Power of C++ by Ashley Ehman (ebook)
Save The World With Code: 20 Fun Projects For All Ages Using Raspberry Pi, Micro: Bit, And Circuit Playground Express by Lorraine Underwood

Library Databases and Universal Class offer more advanced and school-like courses to learn about coding. Search for coding and programming to find out all they have to offer!


Sam is the Assistant Specialist for Technology Programming. Helping others with technology, Makerspace projects, and finding the resources and information they need are the best parts of her job! She enjoys finding new apps to try, crafts, puzzles, spending time with family, and reading.