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Revamp Your FYP: 10 TikTok Pages to Jolt You into 2022

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Is your For You Page looking a little… dull? Repetitive? Does it make you think “okay, okay, I GET IT. I’m ready for something new!” Mine too. That’s why for all of 2021, I made it a point to follow informative and diverse TikTokers that would brighten up my FYP and make my hours of scrolling a bit more worthwhile. Thus, I introduce my top 10 favorite TikTokers of 2021, in the hopes that your 2022 will be filled with information, new hobbies, diverse experiences, and general fun and whimsy! 

Mercury Stardust: The Trans Handy Ma’am 

Mercury Stardust started her TikTok page in April of 2021 and it took off almost immediately. Her celestial name really foreshadowed her meteoric rise into the TikTok-sphere, where she posts informative videos on how to do both simplistic and complex home improvement projects. She also talks about her experience as a transwoman in her field, and how it has affected her. If you’re looking to improve your household handiness, learn about power tools, laugh at jokes, and have a generally good time, Mercury’s page is definitely not one to miss! 

Alexis Nikole Nelson: “Filthy Vegan” & Ohio Forager 

If all of those videos of people chopping open Puffball Mushrooms over the summer really tickled your fancy, you’ll love what this TikToker brings to the table (literally). Alexis Nikole is a Columbus native who teaches the entire TikTok world about foraging for local foods, making vegan recipes out of the food that she forages, and discussing the safety of foraging in your local environment. Since she started her TikTok channel in 2020, Alexis has continued to educate the world on her foraging interests, and even educated Drew Barrymore as a virtual guest on The Drew Barrymore Show where she taught the masses her recipe for Violet Syrup Pink Lemonade. If you’ve been yearning for more self-reliance, a perfectly cottage-core aesthetic, and African and Indigenous education, I thoroughly recommend Alexis’ page.  

Chrissy Marshall: ChrissyCantHearYou 

Chrissy is a Deaf TikToker and director who has been describing her life in a hearing world since she created her TikTok channel. She discusses her history of deafness, from being a hearing person who gradually lost their sense of sound until she became profoundly deaf, which is a term used to describe deaf people who cannot hear below 90 decibels (dB). Conversational speaking, for reference, is generally 60 dB, and if you were standing next to a lawn mower, that sound would roughly be about 90 dB. In addition to discussing how she became deaf, Chrissy also discusses Deaf culture, Deaf accents, American Sign Language (ASL) vs. lip reading, and many, many other topics.   

Maggie Burruss: Mags4Science 

Not only does Maggie Burruss love science, she also loves talking about the disproportionate amount of racism and sexism in the STEM field. She talks about most scientific subjects, from biology (which is her specialty) and chemistry, to subjects like botany and astronomy. If you’ve got a lot of love for STEM subjects and want to know some cool information from a lilac-haired science nerd, she’s definitely someone to follow! 

Mikaele Oloa: Fireknife Master & Samoan Educator 

Mikaele Oloa has a fantastic talent – fireknife dancing – and he’s the five-time world champion for this cultural practice. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Oloa uses his platform to not only talk about his passion, but he also educates on Samoan and Polynesian culture and about life in Hawai’i. He talks about native foods from Hawai’i, as well as tribal tattoos, the Samoan language, and a bunch of other Samoan-related topics. He is also an artist and recreated Maui’s hook from the movie Moana. 

Nicole Parish: Artist & Bug Enthusiast 

Nicole Parish is an autistic TikTok creator with over 2.2 MILLION followers to her channel. She talks about bugs, art, and being autistic – things like stimming, social interactions, melt downs, avoiding overstimulation, and other aspects of life as an autistic person. I have been following Nicole since the beginning of 2021 and some of my favorite videos of hers are her unboxing videos, which are just so full of excitement and gratitude. She has a fantastic knowledge base on bugs of all kinds (though her favorite are Polyphemus moths), and she is a fantastic artist and paints hyper-realistic bug portraits 

Tom Houghton: Current Tower of London Resident 

Tom is from London, England, and he lives somewhere with… historic significance. In fact, his home has housed royalty (like Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and Queen Elizabeth I), religious figures (like Sir Thomas More), political prisoners (Guy Fawkes), and many, many others. He lives in the Tower of London, which is one of the more unusual homes I’ve seen on TikTok. His father is the constable of the Tower, which is why he is able to live there, but Tom himself is a comedian who also likes sharing his unique residence with the TikTok world. He talks a lot about the tower, its hauntings, former residents, and the things he has to deal with (like the changing of the guard and troubles ordering takeout) that all come with being a resident! 

AlmostCaptainMorgan: Airline Pilot 

Morgan is a commercial airline pilot who chronicles her trips across the United States via TikTok. Not only does she share her routes, but she is also a wealth of information when it comes to airport/airplane tips and tricks, as well as travel tips in general. She talks about travel safety, her favorite (and least favorite) airports to fly through, and the general lifestyle as a pilot of a commercial airline, which is a demanding and hectic life! She also discusses the sexism she faces as a female pilot in a male-dominated field and female pilot representation 

Shina Nova: Indigenous Inuk and Throat Singer 

Shina Nova, along with her mother, is an Indigenous Inuk/Inuit woman who created her TikTok account to showcase Indigenous throat singing, a common singing method for Indigenous Canadian women, historically done during times when men were out hunting. She promotes this singing method because of its history of being outlawed and the stigma that is against it currently. Shina discusses a wide range of Indigenous (particularly Inuk) cultural practices, whether it’s throat singing, traditional (formerly outlawed) facial tattoos, cultural food preparation and consumption, dispelling misconceptions, and traditional clothing and hairstyles. She also is an advocate for Indigenous Land Back efforts, and promotes a lot of historical content and Indigenous creators on her page. She works frequently with Notorious Cree, a fellow Indigenous educator, who the PLYMC has partnered with in the past for a virtual program.  

Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County: Your Favorite Library’s Tiktok Page! 

Last, but certainly not least – if you didn’t know it, the library created a TikTok this year! If you’re interested in what happens behind the scenes of library work, you’ll definitely be interested. Nope, we don’t just sit and read all day, and yep – we get some weird visitors! You’ll get to see some of your (and my!) favorite librarians and library workers on this channel, and you might even be surprised at what you find! From prolific authors, to book recommendations, to the… weird habits of librarians, we’ve got a wide variety of TikToks available.  

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