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Tic Tac Toe Travel Game – Teen Take & Make

Tic Tac Toe travel game
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The teen take & make craft for April is a Tic Tac Toe Travel Game. Supplies are included with this craft except for scissors and glue.  


Tic Tac Toe Travel Game Instructions


Step 1                                                                              Step 2

Cut out the pieces from the cutout                                 Glue the tic tac toe sign onto

sheet and place to the side                                               the top of the tin container 



Step 3                                                                                               Step 4 

Glue the gameboard inside of the                                                     Peel the adhesive from the 

tin container                                                                                          magnetic circles 



Step 5                                                                                             Step 6 

Place the “X” and “O” pieces onto the magnets                           Begin playing!


Tip: When done playing, keep the “X” and “O” pieces inside the tin container for easy storage.