Early Learning Tips

Play with Rhyme

Play with words that rhyme and make up silly games! Find things around the house that rhyme to help with these word games. ‘Could a fox hide in that box?’  Lakeshore is a good resource for printable worksheets with rhyme combinations. Suggested Books          Resource http://www.earlylit.net/ecrtr/

Out and About Count

While out and about, find things to count with your little one. You can do this at the store, at the doctor, at the park, or any other place you may be spending time! Things to Count: Fruits and Vegetables Items in the shopping cart People- Adults and Kids Animals Clouds Crayons Fingers and Toes… read more >>

Kitchen Conversation

Talk while baking or cooking and involve your little one if they are old enough.  At any age, talk about the ingredients and steps that need to be followed for a recipe. Other ideas for kitchen conversation: Safety Cleanliness Letting your child lead the talk Suggested Books                

I-Spy with My Little Eyes

Play I-Spy, a game that is with you no matter where you go! Pointing out objects, colors, animals, etc. helps children learn about their world.  With babies, say what you spy, point to it, and answer the question. Suggested Books            

Seasonal Walk and Talks

Spend some time outside talking with your little one about the changes that occur from season to season. Talk about the trees, plants, weather, clothing, and more! What are the differences? Suggested Books                   

Go on a Letter Hunt!

Pick a letter of the alphabet to go on a letter hunt!  You can start with letters in your child’s name since this will be exciting for your little one. Where to hunt: In a book Around the house In the car At the store Suggested Books                        

Songs and Syllables

Sing some songs! Singing is a great daily activity because it can slow down language. Slowing language down makes it easier to hear specific sounds and syllables, breaking words apart in a way that will help your little one learn to read later. Activity Choose a song to sing: Clap out the syllables while singing…. read more >>

Shaping Up!

Read a book about shapes! Learning shapes will help your little one learn letters later. Can you see letter shapes when you look at a triangle, circle, and square? Which ones? Knowing these shapes from an early age will make it easier to identify and replicate letters when your child begins to write.    … read more >>

Talk about Bugs!

Talk about a bug you see or a favorite bug. Learning about bugs increases background knowledge in that area, which helps children make connections to other bugs in the future based on similarities or differences. Activity Ask questions! Even if your child is too young to answer, you can still ask questions and provide the… read more >>

Happy! Cheerful! Joyful! Ecstatic! So Many Words!

Increase the words your child hears! The more words children hear, the easier it will be to sound out and identify words they read later. Activity Use many words when speaking to children to increase vocabulary and explain uncommon words to your child when needed. You can find topics of conversation anywhere you go! Talk about… read more >>

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