Early Learning Tips

Be in a Story!

Help your child play pretend based on a book they have read.  You can tell the story with them added as characters when they are young, or pretend with them and use props from around the house when they are older. Suggested Audiobooks on Hoopla             

TV Talk

Just like reading, ask questions and be involved while watching a show! Ask questions like: What are they doing and why? What color is the house? Do vegetables, dogs, or planes talk in real life? Why is he/she sad? Suggested TV shows             

Books and Feelings

Find books that help your little one learn about feelings! Talk about the feelings you read about and how to best express them. Suggested Books             

Silly Time!

Make up a silly game, a silly rhyme, a silly song, or think of something else that’s silly to do! Suggested Books             

What’s in the Box?

Make a sensory box! Find a box that is big enough to put objects in and find objects around your home to put in the box.  There are multiple ways to do this activity, but here are two: Close off the box so that the only opening is for your child’s hand. Let your child feel an object and… read more >>

Meal Time Talk

Talk during meal times! Try talking about the food you are eating. What is your child’s favorite and least favorite food on the plate? Why? You can also talk about where the different foods come from, such as a garden or a farm.             

Draw the Day!

Have your little one draw a picture of something from the day and talk about it. Ask your little one to describe the picture and when it took place. This helps with memory, sequencing, and fine motor skills (small movements). For very little ones, you can draw a picture yourself or simply talk about the day…. read more >>

Read and Rhyme!

Find words that rhyme while reading together. After reading, pick one set of rhyming words and find more words that sound the same.  Real ones or silly ones, it still helps with phonological awareness!             

In the House Count

Work on counting by finding objects to count around the house.  If your little one is younger, you can point out objects and count outloud. Let older ones start to count themselves. Counting ideas: Crayons Shoes Toys Pictures Stuffed Animals Socks (play a matching game!) Chairs Toes Days of the week and months (you can… read more >>

Fairy Tales Fractured

Start out by reading fairy tales to your little one. Once they know and understand these tales, you can move on to fractured fairy tales, which alter the story in some way. Changes make the most sense when your little one knows the original tale. Talk about the similarities and differences. Suggested Books      … read more >>

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