Early Learning Tips

Talk About Books While Reading!

Talking about books while reading helps children expand their background knowledge on different subjects. Activity: Take a picture walk through a book. This is not reading the book, but having a conversation about the book. Example: The Little Red Hen by Byron Barton Discuss: Title Author and what an author does Objects on each page (Cover-… read more >>

Shaping Up!

Read a book about shapes! Learning shapes will help your little one learn letters later. Can you see letter shapes when you look at a triangle, circle, and square? Which ones? Knowing these shapes from an early age will make it easier to identify and replicate letters when your child begins to write.    … read more >>

Nursery Rhyme Time!

Say nursery rhymes together! Nursery rhymes are great because they help children with phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is the ability to break down the smaller sounds in words, which is important when learning to read. There are many ways to make nursery rhymes fun! Activities Say the nursery rhyme together. If your child is old… read more >>

Talk at Every Opportunity!

Talk with your child at every opportunity! The more children know about the world, the easier it will be for them to comprehend what they read. Talking helps children learn to make connections between real life and what is written. Activity: If you’re at the grocery store, talk about what you are buying and why: “Here… read more >>

Happy! Cheerful! Joyful! Ecstatic! So Many Words!

Increase the words your child hears! The more words children hear, the easier it will be to sound out and identify words they read later. Activity Use many words when speaking to children to increase vocabulary and explain uncommon words to your child when needed. You can find topics of conversation anywhere you go! Talk about… read more >>

Talk about Bugs!

Talk about a bug you see or a favorite bug. Learning about bugs increases background knowledge in that area, which helps children make connections to other bugs in the future based on similarities or differences. Activity Ask questions! Even if your child is too young to answer, you can still ask questions and provide the… read more >>

Go on a Letter Hunt!

Pick a letter of the alphabet to go on a letter hunt!  You can start with letters in your child’s name since this will be exciting for your little one. Where to hunt: In a book Around the house In the car At the store Suggested Books                        

Be in a Story!

Help your child play pretend based on a book they have read.  You can tell the story with them added as characters when they are young, or pretend with them and use props from around the house when they are older. Suggested Audiobooks on Hoopla             

TV Talk

Just like reading, ask questions and be involved while watching a show! Ask questions like: What are they doing and why? What color is the house? Do vegetables, dogs, or planes talk in real life? Why is he/she sad? Suggested TV shows             

Books and Feelings

Find books that help your little one learn about feelings! Talk about the feelings you read about and how to best express them. Suggested Books             

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