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Legal Notice – Newport Library Garages


Sealed bid proposals for:

Newport Library Garages
3730 Market Street
Youngstown, OH

Will be received in the Administrative Office by the Board of Trustees, THE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF YOUNGSTOWN AND MAHONING COUNTY, 305 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44503, until 12:00 noon local time on October 14, 2019 where bids will be publicly opened in The Career and Job Center and read aloud by the Chief Fiscal Officer.

Sealed proposals for a single All Trades Construction Contract will be awarded that encompasses the following trades:

General Trades Construction

Plumbing Trades Construction

Mechanical Trades Construction

Electrical Trades Construction

Fire Protection System Construction

The Estimate of Probable Construction Cost for the single All Trades Construction Contract is as follows:

All Trades Construction Contract Estimate – $ 205,000

A Pre-Bid Conference is scheduled for October 7, 2019 at 9:00 AM at the Newport Library Conference Room.  Bidding period protocols will be discussed at the Conference.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.54 (A)(1) and 3375.41 (D) each bid must be accompanied by a Combination Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond in the sum of 100% of the amount of the Base Bid and a completed Declaration of Interested Parties. These requirements are not waivable under law and thus failure to provide these at the time of the bid submission will disqualify the bidder.  Each Bid shall also include: a Certificate of Compliance of EEO, in accordance with the provisions of Ohio Administrative Code Section 123:2; a copy of a valid Worker’s Compensation Certificate; a Delinquent Personal Property Tax Statement; a Non-Collusion Affidavit; and a Certificate of Insurance naming The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County as an additional named insured.  The attention of bidders is directed to the special statutory provisions of the State of Ohio, governing the payment of prevailing rate of wages to be paid to laborers and mechanics employed on public improvements (

The Bid Documents, including drawings and specifications, will be available for examination to prospective bidders and other interested parties at Roller Reprographics, 11907 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452, Website:, but not to be removed. Copies of Bid Documents must be obtained from Roller Reprographics, 11907 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452, Phone 330-549-0377, where responsible contractors may obtain same by paying for the desired drawings at Roller Reprographics.  The Owner or Roller Reprographics will make no refund of printing costs for Bid Documents.

It is the responsibility of all the contractors and subcontractors to study all the drawing sheets whether or not they feel the scope of work pertains to them. If anything shown on any of the plans is omitted or inconsistent with other plans, the Architect’s interpretations shall govern.

If, in the opinion of the Owner or his delegated representative, the acceptance of the lowest responsible bid is not in the best interest of the Owner, the Owner may reject any or all proposals and advertise for other bids. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after closing time for receipt of bids.

Mark J. Mrofchak, CPA, Chief Fiscal Officer

Board of Trustees




September 30, 2019

October 7, 2019

Newport Library Garages – Printable Word document »

ADDENDUM NUMBER 01 TO THE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR: The Newport Library Garages 08 October 2019 »

Architectural Drawings – Newport Library Garage Addition

A-1 -1913 – Addition Plan.PDF


A-3 – 1913 – ROOF PLAN.PDF

A-4 – 1913 -BLDG ELEVATIONS.pdf

A-5 – 1913 -BLDG SECTIONS A & B.pdf

A-6 – 1913 -WALL SECTIONS 1 & 2.pdf

A-7 – 1913 -WALL SECTIONS 3 & 4.pdf


F-1 – 1913 – FOUND.PDF

FR- 1 – 1913 ROOF FRMG.PDF


Electrical Drawings – Newport Library Garage Addition

E1 – Floor Plan Lighting – Electrical Demolition.pdf

E2 – Floor Plan Lighting.pdf

E3 – Floor Plan Power and Systems.pdf

E4 – Schedules.pdf

E5 – Specifications.pdf

MPFP Drawings – Newport Library Garage Addition

1913 – FP1 – Floor Plan Fire Protection.pdf

1913 – M1 – Floor Plan HVAC.pdf

1913 – M2 – Details and specifications.pdf

1913 – P1 – Demo Plan.pdf

1913 – P2 – Floor Plan Plumbing.pdf

1913 – P3 – Roof Plan Plumbing.pdf

1913 – P4 – Specifications.pdf