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Request for Qualifications for Construction Manager at Risk

Request for Qualifications – Construction Manager at Risk (PDF)

Request for Proposals – Construction Manager at Risk (PDF)

Proposal Form for Request for Proposals – Construction Manager at Risk (Word Document)

Request for Qualifications – Architectural Services for Main Library (Webpage Link)


PLYMC is seeking qualified firms to provide Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) services for the renovation of the Main Library in Mahoning County.  Statements of Qualifications Due by Noon on August 16, 2019.

Owner The Reuben McMillan Free Library Association dba The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (hereafter “PLYMC”) 
Project Name Renovation of Main Library 
Location 305 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 
Delivery Method Construction Manager at Risk, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 
Construction Cost $17.5M (est) 
Architectural Team Lead Bostwick Design Partnership (hereafter “BDP”) 
Start Date Immediately upon selection 
SoQ Due Date Noon on August 16, 2019 


A. Project Description 

PLYMC’s Main Library is comprised of the original 1910 Carnegie-funded facility with an addition constructed in 1996 residing on 3.4 acres of land at the corner of Wick and Rayen Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio.  The project, for which BDP has been selected, includes full renovation of the existing structures with limited historic restoration, restructuring parking and water remediation, and possible development of green space and minor building expansion.  The predesign phase began June 27, 2019.  Construction documents will likely be complete by March 2020 with construction commencing immediately and lasting 16 to 18 months. Completion of documents and construction milestones shall both be finally determined in collaboration with the selected CMR. These timeframes are estimates and may change as the project unfolds. 

B. Scope of Services

a. Preconstruction Services: The CM will work cooperatively with PLYMC and BDP to provide, among other services, schedule development, estimate development, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposal, subcontractor prequalification and bidding, constructability review, permits, budgeting, value engineering, and preconstruction planning throughout the preconstruction stages. When the drawings and specifications are at the stage of completion specified in the Agreement, such partially completed documents (the “Basis Documents”) shall be provided to the CM, together with BDP’s detailed listing of any incomplete design elements and the BDP’s statement of intended scope with respect to such incomplete elements (the “Design Intent Statement”). Contingent upon the PLYMC’s approval of the GMP, the parties will enter into an amendment to the Agreement establishing the Contract Sum (“GMP Amendment”). If the proposed Contract Sum exceeds the Project Budget established for construction, then the PLYMC may terminate the agreement with the CM and seek proposals from other firms for completion of the Project. 

b. Construction Services: The CM shall construct the Project pursuant to the construction documents and in accordance with the schedule requirements. The CM shall hold all subcontracts and shall be fully responsible for the means and methods of construction, project safety, project completion within the schedule agreed upon in the preconstruction phase, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including monitoring compliance with all EDGE, equal employment, and prevailing wage requirements, and submitting monthly reports of these activities to PLYMC. All subcontracts shall be on the subcontract form prescribed by OAC Section 153:1-03-02. PLYMC reserves the right to approve the CM’s selection of subcontractors and any supplemental terms to the form subcontract. 

Subcontracts including but not limited to Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC, Electrical and AV/Technology will be awarded by the CMR to prequalified vendors using a competitive process. The parties will engage in an “open book” pricing method in which all subcontracted work shall be based upon competitive pricing that will be reviewed by PLYMC, the A/E and the CMR. 

c. Post-Construction Services The CM shall lead and manage all activities in the closeout phase for PLYMCincluding but not limited to punch list management, securing documentation of substantial and final completion, managing warranties and guaranteesand securing accurate as-built drawings. 

C. Selection Process

a. Selection Criteria: The CMR will be selected using (i) qualifications-based process during the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) stage to develop a short list and (ii) best value process during the Request for Proposal stage. The qualifications-based criteria for the RFQ is included in this announcement. The best value criteria used in evaluating proposals from short listed firms will include such factors that are determined to derive or offer the greatest value to PLYMC, combining both qualifications and fee. 

b. Short List: Each firm responding to this RFQ will be evaluated and selected based on its qualifications and the qualifications and experience of the individuals identified as the candidate’s proposed team for the Project as outlined in Section E below. After evaluating the responses to this RFQ, PLYMC will select a short list of no fewer than three candidates that it considers to be the most qualified, except if the PLYMC determines that fewer than three firms are qualified, it will only select the qualified firms. 

c. Request for Proposal: The short-listed firms shall be sent a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) that will invite the firms to submit pricing proposals containing their proposed preconstruction stage compensation, construction stage personnel costs, itemized construction stage general conditions costs, construction stage contingency percentage, and construction stage fee percentage. The short-listed candidates will also receive (i) form of Agreement with PLYMC containing the contract terms and conditions, (ii) set of the most recent conceptual planning and design documents and (iii) proposed project schedule. 

d. Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit: short-listed firms will have the opportunity to visit the non-public areas of the Main Library and ask PLYMC questions about the project prior to submitting their Pricing and Technical Proposal.  The RFP will include the date of the Pre-Proposal conference. 

e. Interview: After submitting RFP proposals, the short-listed firms will be interviewed by PLYMC. The purpose of the interview will be to meet the proposed Project team, become familiar with key personnel, and understand the project approach and ability to meet the stated objectives for the Project. Please be prepared to discuss with specificity the firm’s capacity to conduct this work in compliance with the timetable and budget. PLYMC will notify each short-listed firm to schedule individual times for the interviews. 

f. Selection of Construction Manager and Negotiation of the CM Agreement: PLYMC shall negotiate the CMR Agreement with the proposer whose pricing proposal Owner determines to be the best value. Contract negotiations shall be directed toward: (1) ensuring that Construction Manager and Owner mutually understand the essential requirements involved in providing the required services, including the provisions for the use of contingency funds and the possible distribution of savings in the final costs of the project; (2) ensuring that Construction Manager will be able to provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the services within the time required by the CM Agreement; and (3) agreeing upon a procedure and schedule for determining the GMP that shall include the costs of all the work, the cost of its general conditions, the contingency, and the fee payable to Construction Manager.  

D. Anticipated Timeline  

Activity Target Completion Date 
Issue RFQ, Non-Communication Period Begins Week of July 15, 2019 
Respondent Questions Due Date August 2, 2019 
PLYMC Response Deadline August 9, 2019 
SoQ Due Date August 16, 2019 by Noon 
Evaluation and Selection of Short-Listed Firms Week of August 19, 2019 
Short-Listed Firms Notified August 26, 2019 
RFP Issued August 30, 2019 
Pricing & Technical Proposal Due Date September 18, 2019 
Short-Listed Firm Interviews Week of September 23, 2019 

PLYMC may adjust this timeline at its sole discretion. 

E. Qualifications 

Responding firms will need to demonstrate the following to be considered qualified:

a. Competence to perform the required management services as indicated by the technical training, education, and experience of the Construction Manager’s personnel, especially the technical training, education, and experience of the Construction Manager’s employees who would be assigned to perform the services (including project management lead, technical staff, and construction administration staff); 

b. Ability in terms of workload and the availability of qualified personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the required management services competently and expeditiously (including the number and size of other projects simultaneously under contract);

c. Past performance as reflected by the evaluation of previous clients and Owner’s prior experience with Construction Manager with respect to factors such as control of costs, quality of work, dispute resolution, administration of subcontractors, and meeting of deadlines;

d. Experience with construction management-at-risk and project delivery on projects of similar size and complexity, and experience of the project team proposed for this Project of working together. 

e. Financial responsibility including evidence of the capability to provide a surety bond in accordance with paragraph (A) of rule 153:1-4-02 of the Administrative Code (i.e., payment and performance bonds with penal sums of each bond equal to one hundred percent of the contract sum); 

f. Familiarity with Local Area, including knowledge of the local area and working relationships with local and regional subcontractors and suppliers.

g. Other qualifications that are consistent with the scope of the project, including but not limited to:  Library experience, PLYMC experience, value added experience, proximity to site, insurance coverage and claims history 

F. Submittal Requirements & Instructions 

a. Submittal Instructions 

Qualifications statements are due by August 16, 2019 by noon EDT and must be received in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Statement of Qualifications for Construction Management at Risk Services –The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County.” Two copies and one electronic copy (preferably on a flash drive) are to be submitted to: Mark Mrofchak, 305 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44503.  Questions can be sent to  Responses received after this date and time will not be considered.  

b. Conformance Review 

Statements of Qualifications submittals shall provide a straightforward, concise description of the responding firm’s capabilities to successfully complete the project.  Emphasis should be placed on conformity to the RFQ instructionscompleteness, and clarity of content.  Marketing or other extraneous materials should not be included. 

c. Questions and Communications 

The period from the release of the RFP to the final selection of the firm will constitute a non-communication period.  Potential bidders may not approach individual members of the PLYMC Board of Trustees or Staff to discuss anything related to the RFQ or building process.  All questions must be received in writing at by the cutoff date for questions.  Questions will be answered in writing and made available to all bidders on the library’s website.  Violation of the non-communication period may be grounds for disqualification from bidding on this or future PLYMC projects. 

d. Elements of a complete submittal 

Include in your qualifications statement the following information relevant to the Scope of Work: 

i. Project Experience. Provide relevant projects of similar nature. Include:(a) description of the project and the services your firm provided for the project; (b) start and completion dates for each project; (c) name, title and telephone number of the client contact most familiar with your services on the project. 

ii. Personnel/Staffing. Provide a project organizational chart containing the names and titles or the proposed staff for the Project. At a minimum, the chart should include at least three (3) officers or senior employees (e.g., Project executive, Principal-in-charge, Project Manager or Project Superintendent or similar designation) who will be available for work on the Project. For every person listed on the chart, provide a one-page resume highlighting relevant experience and identify the phase(s) of the Project to which the individual will be assigned and the percentage of that individual’s time to be devoted to the Project. 

iii. CM-At Risk Project Delivery Experience. Describe any prior experience with the CM-at-risk project delivery method described above. Include experience, if any, working with public entities (including, specifically, public libraries) in CM-at-Risk projects. 

iv. Bid Packaging Plan. Provide the firm’s bid packaging plan for subcontracting the Work to various subcontractors. Include the number and general description of the bid packages planned for the Project. 

v. Bidding the Work. Provide your firms’ plan to ensure a competitive process at the subcontracting level. Describe your knowledge of the local area and your working relationship with local subcontractors and suppliers. 

vi. Self-Performed Work. Indicate whether the firm intends to self-perform any work on the Project through an acceptable competitive process and, if so, the nature of the work and capability to self-perform. 

vii. Management Systems. Describe the record keeping, reporting, monitoring and other information management systems that the firm would propose to use for the Project. Describe the scheduling and cost control systems the firm would propose to use for the Project. 

viii. Estimating. Demonstrated capability of estimating, in schematic design and design development phases, projects comparable to the Project. 

ix. Sustainability. Describe your experience related to sustainable design. Include relevant projects on which sustainable design was a goal for Owner. This Project will not seek LEED or similar certification, but Owner does expect sustainable solutions when practical. 

x. Diversity and Inclusion. Describe your experience related to meeting diversity and inclusion goals and compliance with applicable affirmative action programs. 

G. Access to Documentation 

PLYMC shall have access to all books, records, documents and other data in the CM’s possession related to itself, its subcontractors and material suppliers pertaining to bidding, pricing or performance of the Agreement. 

 H. Rights of PLYMC 

PLYMC reserves the right to take any action affecting the RFQ process, the RFP process or the Project that would be in the best interest of the Library as long as such action is consistent with the applicable Ohio Revised Code. 

PLYMC reserves the right to reject all qualifications statements and cancel at any time for any reason this RFQ, any portion of this RFQ or any phase of the Project. PLYMC shall have no liability to any proposer arising out of such cancellation or rejection. PLYMC reserves the right to waive minor variations in the selection process.  

PLYMC assumes no responsibility for costs incurred in the preparation, presentation or submission of the qualifications statements.  

At its discretion, PLYMC may amend this RFQ at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of qualifications statements and distribute the amendments to all firms on record with Owner as having requested and been furnished a copy of this RFQ. 

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