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Request for Qualifications – Architectural Services Under $50,000


The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (“Library”) issues this Request for Statement of Qualifications to establish a list of qualified and experienced architects, engineers and design professionals to provide future design services related to the improvement of the existing facilities.  The specific future projects may require professional architectural and engineering services for feasibility studies, design and architectural/engineering contract documents, permitting, surveying, cost estimating, construction observations, and other services (including civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural and landscape architectural work).  The Library may select a single design professional or firm for any project with an estimated professional design fee of less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), as provided under Ohio Revised Code Section 153.71. The Statement of Qualifications should include the following information:

1.     Provide firm profile and current staffing.

2.     Provide information on principal in charge, project architect/designer, and any staff member who would be assigned to the projects.

3.     Experience with public libraries, experience of current staff with library building design and improvements.

4.     Provide reference contact information from recent and similar projects completed by the firm.

5.     Additional information and comments you believe to be pertinent, but not specifically mentioned elsewhere.

Ohio Revised Code Section 153.65 defines “qualifications” as all the following:

·       Competence of the professional design firm to perform the required professional design services as indicated by the technical training, education, and experience of the firm’s personnel, especially the technical training, education, and experience of the employees within the firm who would be assigned to perform the services;

·       Ability of the firm in terms of its workload and availability of qualified personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the required professional design services competently and expeditiously;

·       Past performance of the firm as reflected by the evaluations of previous clients with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and meeting of deadlines;

·       Any other relevant factors as determined by the public authority.

Qualifying firms are asked to submit three (3) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of their statement of qualifications to Mark J. Mrofchak, Chief Fiscal Officer, at the Library’s administrative office, 305 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 44503, by noon on February 15, 2019.  Firms will be ranked, and negotiations will begin with the firm ranked most qualified in accordance with the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 153.69.  Because the Library anticipates that the fee for the professional design services will be less than $50,000, it intends to use the process for selecting a firm in negotiating a contract for small projects outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 153.71.  The Library shall determine that the selected design professional or firm is the most qualified to provide the required professional design services.  Submittals will not be received after the above date and time.