Pokémon Go


Attention Pokémon Trainers!

Did you know that you can pick up Poké Balls and other items along with your favorite books, DVDs and music CDs at the Library? That’s right! Libraries in the Mahoning County Library System are PokéStops!  Stop by your local library on your next Pokémon GO adventure!

Attention All Pokémon Trainers Through Grade 12: PLYMC libraries are PokéStops! Stop in and Get a Free Gift

Kids through Grade 12: Come to the library Sept. 6-17, tell the library staff that you’re there to hunt for Pokémon and you will receive a glow stick*. Check out library materials that day or get a library card and you can receive a spy pen*! Your library has always been the place to get your favorite books, DVDs and music CDs and now you can get your Pokémon gear as well. The Pokémon Library project is for kids through grade 12. *Limit: one of each item per participant.

All Libraries, Library Hours, Sept. 6-17