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This list reflects the periodical holdings of the Main Library and all branches of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. For online periodical indexes, go to the Online Resources page on the library’s website at Available from Kent State University Libraries, use Journal Finder to identify which magazine database a journal can be found.

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Is the Vindicator available full text online?

Yes, much of the Vindicator from 1869-2009 is available online.  From 2008-2011, Google had a Newspaper Digitization Project where the archives of local newspapers across the U.S. were digitized and made freely available online in the Google News Archives.  The Vindicator was chosen, and most issues were digitized before the project was cancelled.  Still not all issues digitized well, and there are many missing issues.  Here are instructions on how to use the Vindicator in the Google News Archives.

Searching and Browsing the Google News Archive
Note: When Browsing, there are many missing issues/dates. Plus, some dates actually have 2 or more days of the newspaper linked together.

A resource is now available to Keyword Search the Google News Archive:
MyHeritage Library Edition (EBSCO)
This resource includes all the newspapers digitized in the Google Newspaper Archives. When you choose the Newspapers category, you can do a keyword search using the Name and Publication place fields. Note that while the Youngstown Vindicator from 1869-2009 is included, there are many poorly digitized and completely missing issues which will not be found in search results.

Does the library have access to all the issues of the Vindicator?

Yes, the Main Library has the Vindicator available on microfilm from 1869-present.

How can I receive a copy of a newspaper article?

If you need a copy of an article, you can either visit the Main Library or contact us to send an article to you through email at no cost or by U.S. Mail at $1.00 per page.  If you come to the library, we have microfilm scanners which allow you to copy articles from microfilm to:

  • save to a flashdrive at no charge
  • save to the desktop and then attach to an email at no charge
  • print at $.10 per 8 1/2 x 11 page or $.25 per 11 x 17 page

Is the Vindicator indexed?

Yes and No.  There are indexes, but not all years of the Vindicator are indexed.  Here are the time periods covered and by what indexes:

  • 1869-1919 – Chronology and Subject Index – not comprehensive, only major topics/events/people included
  • 1921-1930, 1939-1942 (incomplete), 1951-1952 (incomplete) – Shoe Box Index on 3×5 cards
  • 1933-1938 – Bound Index – fully comprehensive
  • 2001-present – Index of obituaries and major Youngstown topics (not yet available to the public)