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Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
Full-text articles in all subject areas from all types of magazines and newspapers including scholarly publications.

Area Newspapers (website)
Contact information and links to Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull, western PA, and other Ohio newspapers.

Area Radio Stations and Radio Frequencies (website)
Contact information and links to Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull, western PA, and other Ohio newspapers.

Area Television Stations (website)
Contact information and links to Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull, western PA, and other Ohio newspapers.

ARRL Amateur Radio Clubs Search (website)
Amateur Radio Relay League Find-A-Club search engine to locate local ham radio clubs.

Chronicling America – Historic American Newspapers (website)
Search and read newspapers from 1836-1922 and find information about American newspapers from 1690-present.  Includes the Mahoning Dispatch (10/2/1908-9/30/1921).

Consumer Reports – MasterFile Complete (EBSCO)
Full text access to Consumer Reports magazine from 1991 onward.

Fake News, Misinformation & Propaganda (website)
Check the resources linked here to learn how to detect fact news and become media smart.

Flipster (EBSCO)
Enjoy digital magazines from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Download the Flipster app and browse and checkout magazines all from within the app.

Google Newspaper Archive (website)
From 2008-2011, Google, in partnership with a number of North American newspapers, ProQuest and Heritage, digitized printed newspapers, including Youngstown’s Vindicator from 1869-2009. Searching and Browsing the Google News Archive provides helpful instructions.

JSTOR Early Journal Content (website)
This resource provides free full-text access to nearly 500,000 public domain journal articles. These are articles published in the United States before 1920 and published internationally prior to 1870.

Magazine/Newspaper Holdings (website)
Lists all magazines and newspapers owned by the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County, including format – print, microfilm, microfiche, or online.

Mahoning Matters (website)
Local daily news website for Youngstown and Mahoning County which was created after the Youngstown Vindicator ceased publication.

MasterFile Complete (EBSCO)
MasterFILE Complete is a daily updated, multidisciplinary database with full text for thousands of general reference publications, reference books, and primary source documents. It includes an image collection of photos, maps, and flags.

MyHeritage Library Edition (EBSCO)
This resource includes all the newspapers digitized in the Google Newspaper Archives. When you choose the Newspapers category, you can do a keyword search using the Name and Publication place fields. Note that while the Youngstown Vindicator from 1869-2009 is included, there are many poorly digitized and completely missing issues which will not be found in search results. Searching and Browsing the Google News Archive provides helpful instructions for using this resource.

New York Times Archives (1851-Present) (website)
Search the entire archives of the New York Times. Articles from 1851-1980 are available in pdf format (1851-1922 are free) and articles from 1981-present are available as full-text (1981-present are free). Main Library has the New York Times on microfilm from September 1851 to the present.

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
Providing selected full text for nearly 30 national (U.S.) and international newspapers and more than 200 regional U.S. newspapers, this database also contains full text television & radio news transcripts. (website)
Search by address to locate which free tv stations may be available in your area when using an antenna for television.

Ohio’s Digitized Newspapers (website)
Partnerships between the Ohio History Connection and local institutions have made many Ohio newspapers, including the Mahoning Dispatch, freely-available on Ohio Memory. (website)
Thousands of newspapers listed by country and region.

Radio Lineup (website)
Radio Lineup is your guide to local radio stations across the United States.

Radio-Locator (website)
A radio station search engine with links to over 15,100 radio stations’ web pages and over 10,600 stations’ audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Radio Reference (website)
Search for airport, government, law enforcement, fire and EMS, and hospital frequencies. – Newspapers (website)
Links to newspapers throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Scan Ohio (website)
Provides scanner frequencies and codes at the county and state level as well as specialty frequencies

Station Index (website)
Your guide to local tv stations (website)
Locale TV listings for broadcast, cable, and satellite throughout the U.S.A.

Vindy Archives (website)
Provides access to the online Vindicator articles: deaths/tributes November 2009-August 2019 and news from March 2001-August 2019.  Also links to browsing the digitized Vindicator in Google’s Newspaper Archive. Searching and Browsing the Google News Archive provides helpful instructions.

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Bulletin (website)
The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Bulletin was a monthly employee newsletter published by the company, beginning August 1919, and continuing through 1977. Issues included gossip and social news, along with photographs of babies, engagements, vacations and employee sporting events, departmental news, articles on safety in the plant and explanations of the various mill operations.