Top Ten Reasons to Love Your Library

levy flyer 2019

What the Renewal Levy Means to You. Click to view

Issue 1, a Library Renewal Levy, Will Be on the BALLOT Nov. 5, 2019
The 2.4-Mill RENEWAL is NOT a New Tax;
Brings in about HALF the Library’s Income

Reuben McMillan Free Library Association
dba Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County

The November 5 ballot will have a five-year RENEWAL LEVY of 2.4 mills as Issue 1. The levy brings in about half of the Library’s income. In 2018: Levy proceeds were $9.8 million or 51.8% of the Library’s $18.9 million in receipts. The State of Ohio’s Public Library Fund (PLF) provided $8.4 million or 44%.

This levy costs Mahoning County homeowner just $6.86 per month for every $100,000 of real estate value. Just $82.34* per year.

Through careful planning and good stewardship, the Library is debt-free. Main Library renovation is getting underway. The Library has planned carefully, setting aside funds for over a decade. That means no interest-bearing loans and no bond issues. This saves taxpayers millions of dollars in interest payments.

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*How is this calculated? Although the Library’s levy rate is 2.4 mills, it is not assessed on the full property valuation which is why a homeowner pays just over $82.00 a year in Library levy dollars.  From the Library’s CFO: Property tax calculations are based on a percentage of the appraised value of a property.  In Mahoning County the taxable property value is 35% of the appraised value.  In our scenario, it is calculated as follows:

Appraised value: $100,000
Taxable percentage:   35%
Taxable value:$35,000
Property tax:    $84 (annual)

Once you add in rollbacks (that everyone gets) and the homestead exemptions (that some get) you arrive at the number the Library uses in handouts, which is why it is an approximate number.

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book shelf10. ACCESS

We Have It All!

Access nearly 750,000 books, CDs, DVDs, e-books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers at PLYMC.

Plus 16 million more items through SearchOhio.

business woman9. ANSWERS

We Answer Your Questions

Get reliable, free answers when you call, stop in or e-mail.

Get one-on-one help by making Book-A-Librarian appointments on topics from technology assistance to genealogy.


We Have Programs for All Ages

Choose from over 5,000 programs every year for families, teens and adults.

Children’s programming focuses on Early Learning and Kindergarten Readiness.

pop up van pic7. AVAILABLE

We Come to You

The Pop-Up Library and Mobile Makerspace visit schools and community events.

Special Delivery sends materials by mail to those with an illness or disability.

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept6. ALWAYS OPEN

We’re Available 24/7 is always open offering e-books and audiobooks, online learning tools and research materials.

No fake news here!

man in library5. JOB HELP

We Help People Find Jobs

We offer job and career assistance through one-on-one appointments, interview skills workshops and technology training.\


college studentscity4. ECONOMY

We Are Good for the Economy

Every dollar spent by the Library returns $2.39 in economic benefit to the community.

money pic3. DEBT-FREE

We Are Fiscally Responsible

levy graphicPLYMC operates debt-free, spends carefully and saves for projects. It’s just good management.

In 2018: Library receipts were $18.9 million.
Of this, levy = $9.8 million or 51.8%.
Public Library Fund = $8.4 million or 44% of income.

Levy costs Mahoning County homeowner just $6.86 per month for every $100,000 of real estate value. That’s $82.34 per year.

studying in library2. FUTURE

We Prepare for the Future

We have been planning for over a decade for the Main Library Renovation and have $21 million set aside to fund the project.

Good planning means no interest-bearing loan and no bond issue before voters.

What would it cost to borrow $21 million? Over a 20-year loan period at today’s prime interest rate of 5.5%, taxpayers would pay about $13,669,520 in interest!

grandmother reading1. LOCATIONS

We’re Everywhere in the County!

We have 15 locations to serve everyone in Mahoning County.