Board of Trustees

Trustees meet in regular session the second Thursday in June, September and December, usually at 4 p.m. Location varies.

In addition, a regular session is held the fourth Thursday in January, with an Annual Meeting at which offices are elected. Five trustees are elected to a three-year term at each Annual Meeting. January meeting is at 4 p.m. Location varies.

Fifteen trustees are voting; two are non-voting.

Executive Director

Aimee Fifarek

Trustee Listpdf

Officers of the Library Board of Trustees

Dr. David Ritchie

Vice President
Carole S. Weimer

Chief Fiscal Officer
Mark J. Mrofchak*

Deputy Fiscal Officer
Tina McBane*

Members of the Library Board of Trustees

(alphabetical listing)

Richard Atkinson
Alex Benyo
Alexa Sweeney Blackann
Timothy Bresnahan
Delores Crawford
Judge Mary DeGenaro
Terry Dimascio
Thomas M. Frost
James J. Meehan
Dr. David Ritchie
Judith Schmutz
Ron Strollo
Carole S. Weimer
John H. Yerian III
Ralph T. Meacham , Auditor*
Mayor Jamael Tito Brown*

* Non-Voting

Trustees Emeriti – Designates 15 years or more on the Board of Trustees
Kenneth J. Wilson
Millicent Counts