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Would you like a personal introduction to resources available at the library? Need more time with a librarian than you can get over the phone or if you just walk in? Use this form to Book a Librarian!

The Book-a-Librarian sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. A library staff member will give undivided attention to customers who want in-depth technical assistance on topics such as starting an email account, browsing the library’s catalog, downloading e-books and audiobooks, searching the Internet, using online resources through the library’s website, or other computer basics.

Other, non-technical topics are also available for Book-a-Librarian sessions, including personalized help with a research project or helping you discover new books and authors that match your taste and interests.

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response, especially when submitting questions over the weekend.

If you have questions or need immediate assistance, please contact us at 330.744.8636




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    FAQ – or – How does the Book-a-Librarian service work?

    1. Who is eligible to make an appointment?
    This service is available to individuals, organizations and businesses.

    2. Is there anything I can’t get help with?
    We cannot offer advice (e.g., medical, legal, investment) except to advise users of reputable sources of evaluative information. Also, we cannot offer troubleshooting or maintenance help with personal computers or mobile devices.

    3. Do you offer help with job searches, resume assistance, and career support?
    We are happy to show you how to use our career and job exploration resources, assist with basic resume creation and help you explore a variety of job search and professional networking web sites, as well as local resources. We can also make referrals to free or low cost local organizations that focus in these topics.

    4. Do you offer any instruction with computers or other technology topics?
    For basic topics (e.g., email, mouse skills, Internet basics, managing files and folders), you can make a one-on-one appointment with a librarian, based on availability and location. Many of our libraries also provide basic computer classes and you can view classes at specific locations on our online Events calendar. You can use the Learning Express Library database for self-paced learning or take an online course with an instructor using Gale Courses. Check out these and other options on our Computer Training Resources page. Call 330-744-8636 for more information.

    5. Do you provide help with genealogy research?
    We have a number of resources available at the Main Library and are happy to let you know about them to help you get started.

    6. Who will be helping me?
    We look at your appointment request and determine the best person on our staff to meet with you based on expertise and availability.

    7. How long will the appointment be?
    Appointments usually last 30-60 minutes. If more time is needed you may schedule another appointment.

    8. How do I make an appointment?
    Complete the form above with as much information as possible or call the Reference Desk at 330-744-8636. We will get in touch with you to confirm the appointment as soon as possible. Two to three days advance notice is preferred.

    9. I need to cancel my appointment. What’s the best way to do this?
    No problem — just call the Reference Desk at 330-744-8636 as soon as you can. We can reschedule your appointment.

    10. Are there other ways to get help from a librarian?
    Yes, you can always stop by any Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County location and go to the service desk to ask for assistance. You can always stop by any Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County location and go to the service desk to ask for assistance. You can also call us at 330-744-8636, email us at, or contact at us online at Get Answers.