An Ocean of Summer Possibilities

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes long days filled with fun, sun, and friends.  But it seems like it doesn’t take long to run out of things to do (and that’s not to say you’re ready for school, either).  But don’t worry – the Library’s Summer Discovery theme is here to help!  We may not be very close to the ocean, but there’s still a (figurative) ocean of possibilities to help fill your long summer days! 


If you’re not quite ready – or old enough – for a summer job, try volunteering instead.  Being a volunteer is always good for resumés and college applications, and it allows you to focus on your interests.  Love animals?  Check with an animal shelter.  More into art?  Try offering art lessons to the younger kids in your neighborhood.  If you’re not sure which direction you want to go, get in touch with a national organization to see what you can do.  The options with volunteering are practically endless, and you’ll feel great for doing something good for your community, too!  Plus, that’s a point in our Summer Discovery program! 

Start Your Own Business 

Maybe you do want to make money, but you’d rather do it on your own schedule.  So many teens today have started their own businesses, from crafts to tutoring to lawn care.  And, like volunteering, starting your own business allows you to explore your interests.  Just make sure you do your homework first.  Figure out what your community could benefit from, check for copyright when you make a name and logo, use your own recipes/ideas, etc. And don’t forget that sometimes, especially when you’re first getting started, you’ll need to spend money up front! 

Create Some Friendly Competition 

Hanging out with your friends is a given.  Why not make a regular thing of it?  Start a tournament of your favorite game(s)!  If you’re into gaming, keep score of who wins the most Mario Party, NBA, FIFA, or NFL games.  Set up a timeline of goals for Animal Crossing to see who finishes first. Or mix it up and have a summer-long tournament of different games using card games (like Uno or Phase 10) and board games (such as Clue or Monopoly).  Schedule a regular time and place to meet up, and don’t forget to decide on a prize for the winner! 

Summer Accountability 

Yes, it’s summer, but sometimes you end up with a class that assigns something to do over the summer, like read a book or two.  If you find yourself in this boat, seek out classmates who have to do the same assignment and work out a time and place to meet up over the next couple of months.  This can be especially helpful with any summer reading assignments.  These are usually what are considered “classics,” and I know how difficult they can be to get into.  It can be a lot easier to analyze them when you’re outside a school setting and you know you aren’t being graded on it.  

No matter what you do, don’t just laze away the days.  Do something!  It doesn’t have to be anything ridiculously hard, and you can still have fun and hang out with your friends.  There really is an ocean of possibilities waiting for you.   

Happy summer-ing!