Library MakerSpace

The Makerspace is located at the Michael Kusalaba Branch Library.

What Can You Do in a PLYMC Technology Makerspace? LEARN… CREATE… COLLABORATE

Sound Studio

This sound studio includes a piano, guitars, drums, microphones, a StudioLive mixing board, and recording software. You may bring your own instrument.

Cricut Maker

This die cutter machine is used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, and fabric for card making, paper crafting scrapbooking, and more! Please bring in your own materials to use with the machine.

Cricut Pathfinder – pdf

Button MakersButton Makers

Create buttons to promote a family event, a club, etc. We offer 1″, 2.25″ or 3″ buttons. The cost is 25¢ each for all sizes.

Design ComputersDesign Computers

Turn your dreams into designs. Use these PCs to start developing your ideas with either Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Corel Draw.

Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder – pdf

CorelDraw Pathfinder -pdf

Cut Lines Tutorial for Adobe – pdf

Heat PressHeat Press

Create your own design by using our Vinyl Printer (there is a cost involved.) Then transfer your design onto a T-shirt, hat, mug or plate by using our Zeny Heat Press for free.  You supply the item, which must fit the 11.5” x 15” heat plate on the press.

Heat Press Pathfinder -pdf

Heat Press Temperature Guide -pdf

Laser EngraverLaser Engraver

Use the laser engraver to create something fun for yourself or your home. Etch a glass, make a coaster or a bookmark—there are lots of possibilities! Engrave on wood, leather, glass or other materials as long as they are on our list of approved materials. You provide the material; we approve it for your project.

Laser Engraver Pathfinder -pdf

EllisonEllison Machine

Use the Ellison Machine and available dies to cut out different shapes, such as an apple, pumpkin, or maple leaf! The Ellison works by pressing a die along with an approved material to easily cut out a shape. Select bookmark and puppet dies are also available. Click below for a full list of dies and approved materials. You must bring in your own materials for this station.

List of Ellison Dies and Approved Materials – pdf

Vinyl PrinterVinyl Printer

Use the vinyl printer to make a banner, a window cling or fabric cling to make a sign, decorate your home, etc. The Library provides the material. Any material currently available is $2.00 per linear foot. (Acceptable materials are Removable Vinyl, Clear and White Static Cling, Permanent Adhesive, Vinyl Banner Matte and Gloss, and White Paper Gloss.)

Roland Vinyl Printer Pathfinder -pdf

Roland Settings -pdf

Media Conversion EquipmentMedia Conversion Equipment

Have an old music cassette, vinyl record or a videocassette that you want to convert to a CD or DVD? Use our Funai Combo VCR/DVD Recorder or our Teac LP/CD Recorder and Cassette Turntable to update your favorite items to current formats. Bring your own CDs or DVDs or buy them from us: CDs cost 25¢ and DVDs cost 35¢.

Audio Conversion Guide -pdf

Manual -website link

Quick Start Audio Conversion -pdf

Photo Scanner -pdf

Video Converter Steps -pdf

3D Printer3D Printer

Once you have your design, use the 3D Printer to make a model of your product or a prototype of your idea. The charge for an item will be 25¢ per ¼ hour (rounded up) of printing time.

3D Printer Pathfinder -pdf

small laminatorlarge laminator 27 inchLamination

Want to Laminate documents, posters, or keepsakes? Use the 27” laminator for $1 per foot or the small laminator to laminate items 8½ x 11 or smaller for $.15 per pouch.

Costs and Approved Materials List

There are no charges to reserve or use the PLYMC Makerspace equipment, however users must pay for materials purchased in the Makerspace for the items they create.

Consumable Materials:

Button MakerButton (2.25 inch)25¢
Button (3 inch)25¢
Flash DriveFlash Drive$5
Music Conversion StationCD-ROM25¢
VHS Conversion StationDVD35¢
Laminator – 8 1/2″ x 11″Laminates small to page size items15¢ per pouch
Laminator – 27″Laminates poster size items$1 per foot
Vinyl PrinterAll Vinyls$1 per 6”
3D PrinterFilament25¢ per  ¼ hour (rounded up)
Laser EngraverVarious Sizes of Acrylic Sheeting$10 per sheet

Project costs must be paid at the staff desk in the Makerspace area before beginning the project.  Projects can be paid for in cash or by credit card.

Approved Materials:

Only certain materials may be used in the PLYMC Technology Makerspace due to safety concerns and environmental issues.

Filament for the 3D printer, vinyl cutter materials, lamination materials, and buttons for the button press are sold by the library and outside material cannot be used for these devices.

The Library encourages users of the Makerspace to bring their own materials for the laser engraver, heat press, and music conversion station. All outside materials MUST be approved by library staff in the Makerspace before beginning a project.

Approved Materials for the Epilog Laser Engraver:

Anodized Aluminum
Brass, Marbleized Painted
Brass, Painted
Cardboard – non-corrugated only
Leather (Not Imitation!)
Marble and other stone
Stainless Steel w/Cerdec Coating
Wood (No wood treated for outside use)

Any material not explicitly listed above may NOT be used in the PLYMC Technology Makerspace.