Dial – A – Story: October 2022

Check out the library’s exciting new service: Dial-a-Story! 

If you love story times and audiobooks, or if you want to participate in library programs but don’t have access to a computer, you can simply call in to our special phone number to hear recordings read by our librarians and special guests.  We read picture books, chapter books, poetry, short stories, original writings, STEAM/Science info, writing or art prompts, and even tips for self-improvement.  We offer a variety of recordings for every age group: children, teens, and adults.  It’s fun for people of all ages!

Call our Dial-a-Story service at 234-287-2020.  Anytime, day or night, 24/7!

We update our recordings each month, and typically feature special themes.  So keep checking back for new favorites, next chapters, and lots of other goodies!  Our current readings (and their respective menu number) for the month of October are listed below.

For kids:

  1. Like Bug Juice on a Burger (part 5), by Julie Sternberg - read by Beth
  2. Fall Weather Fun, by Martha E. H. Rustad - read by Beth
  3. Fall Leaves Fun, by Martha E. H. Rustad - read by Beth

For adults:

  1. The Happiness Project (Chapter 10: October), by Gretchen Rubin - read by Kelly K.
  2. Three Nonfiction Book Reviews - read by Kelly M.

Happy listening! 

If there is anything specific you would love to hear on our Dial-a-Story service, please email your suggestions to the library at ProgrammingDepartment@libraryvisit.org.