DIY Keepsake Picture Frame

Summer is here, and with that comes plenty of opportunities to make memories. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or vacationing with family, there’s bound to be a memory that you want to preserve. Pictures in frames are a great way to do that! 

Framing photos, though, can be boring (if you’re hanging out locally) or expensive (if you’re looking at a gift shop from wherever you went on vacation). But they don’t have to be! We’re going to make a frame that is inexpensive, easy, and unique to your memories.

To begin, gather up items that relate to the picture you’re going to frame. Things like seashells, small trinkets, ticket stubs, or dried/artificial flowers work well. Try to avoid food as that could attract bugs, and nobody wants that. It would also help to decide which photo you want to use so that you can coordinate the decorations to match. 

 The next step is purchasing the rest of your supplies. You should be able to find most of them at a dollar store

Now comes the fun part!  Get a general idea of what you want to put the decorations and then glue or stick them to the frame. I used hot glue for some while the rest were stickers. Put your picture in the frame, and now you have a nice way to remember your awesome summer!  

 Happy crafting!