April 2024 Resource Spotlight: Legal Resources

With the deadline for filing income taxes approaching, April always brings to mind the phrase about nothing being certain in life except death and taxes. This phrase also brings law and legal documents to mind. After all, a common legal document many people file during their lives is a will. The library has two great resources, to help everyone learn about law and to print legal forms, linked on the Law & Legal Resources page, opens a new window: 

In addition, here are some useful online websites for free legal forms: 

Local & State Forms: 

Tax Forms - Federal, State, & Local: 

While library staff cannot give legal advice, including not choosing law forms for printing, we will be happy to assist you in using the online resources and websites in your search for law information and legal documents. For one-on-one assistance, patrons can book an appointment with a librarian through our contact form, opens a new window or by calling us at 330.744.8636.