Exploring Scholarship Opportunities

High School Guidance Counselor
Consult your high school guidance counselor to learn about available scholarships and get guidance on the application process.

University/College Financial Aid Office
Reach out to the financial aid office of the university or college you have applied to for information on scholarships specific to their institution.

Free Scholarship Search Tool
Utilize the free scholarship search tool, opens a new window provided by the U.S. Department of Labor to explore a wide range of opportunities.

Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes, opens a new window
This book includes detailed profiles of scholarships based on academic fields and career goals, ethnic heritage, talent, employment experience, military service, and other categories that are available from private sources such as foundations, corporations, and religious and civic organizations. Visit our catalog to place your hold., opens a new window

Employer Connections
Explore potential scholarships through employers of family members (e.g., IBM, General Motors) or local businesses you frequent (e.g., Farmer's Bank).

Volunteer and Work Opportunities
Consider volunteer or work opportunities during your senior year, such as with organizations like Habitat for Humanity or the American Heart Association.

Civic Groups and Associations
Investigate scholarships offered by civic groups and associations aligned with your interests, such as Future Teachers of America, Junior Achievement, and various others like Moose, Elk, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Knights of Columbus, Rotary Club, and Eagles.

Religious Organizations
Some religious organizations also provide scholarships, so explore opportunities within your faith community.

Ethnicity-based Organizations
Look into scholarships offered by organizations that support specific ethnicities to discover potential sources of financial aid.

Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley offers scholarships through this website, opens a new window.

If you need more information or want to access materials related to scholarships, contact us!, opens a new window Our dedicated nonprofit and grants librarian can help provide valuable insights, recommend resources, and even assist you reserve materials for further exploration.