Help Local Nonprofits Grow

Want to make an impact in your community? One of the best ways to do that is by supporting local nonprofit organizations. To get you started, we have a few suggestions to acknowledge the good works and accomplishments of your favorite nonprofits. 


Ways to Support Nonprofits 

  • Donate money to help them accomplish even more.    
  • Volunteer at the organization. It can be a great way to mark National Nonprofit Day (August 17) and assist throughout the year.  
  • Share the good news about a local organization. It can do much to increase their visibility.   
  • Promote on social media to help spread the word.  
  • Consider being a board member and share your special talents.  


Plus, the Library offers several resources to help nonprofit employees and volunteers to succeed. Here are a few ideas:  


  • Improve your organization by developing skills for success with assistance from Candid and The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (PLYMC). 
  • Attend free, hour-long orientations at the Library on topics such as “Introduction to Finding Grants” and “Introduction to Proposal Writing.”   
  • Find potential grant funding using Candid’s Foundation Directory Online Professional currently available at PLYMC.   
  • Check out our program schedule on the Library’s events calendar. 
  • Candid Learning gives you access to Candid’s live and on-demand trainings and webinars to help you improve your fundraising.  Make a free account and enjoy the many resources available to strengthen your nonprofit.  
  • Schedule time with a librarian [INSERT LINK FOR FORM] to ask questions and get assistance.