March 2024 Resource Spotlight: History Reference Center

March is Women's History Month, a time when we recognize and raise awareness around the contributions of women. For those interested in learning more about women's history (or history in general), check out EBSCO's History Reference Center, opens a new window. Covering both U.S. and World History from ancient civilizations through the present, this resource provides access to a wide range of articles from academic journals, magazines, books, and even primary source documents. 

Specific to this month's celebration, click the subject Women’s History. Then browse among the various subtopics, such as: 

  • Seneca Falls Convention, 1848 
  • Suffrage Movement 
  • #MeToo Movement  
  • Key Figures in Women’s History 

You can also use the search box to do a keyword search for history articles. A keyword search which finds almost 20,000 articles is “Women’s History.” The results can be narrowed down using the various search result filters.

For example:  

  • Online Full Text – this is a good choice as you have access to the entire article. 
  • Peer Reviewed – allows you to limit to scholarly articles and books (recommended for high school and college homework assignments).
  • Source Types – provides these options: Academic Journals, Reviews, Magazines, Books, Biographies, or Primary Source Documents.  
  • Subject – you can choose to limit by the various subjects found within the search results. 
  • Lexile Range – allows you to limit by reading level, so you can limit to material for younger or older grades. 

Check out this resource on the library’s History & Culture Resources, opens a new window webpage. And for more on how to use it, try out this Niche Tutorial, opens a new window

Don't forget to browse our catalog, opens a new window to find our recommendations for Women's History Month or visit our events calendar, opens a new window for upcoming programs!