May 2023 Resource Spotlight: A-Z The World

PLYMC's 2023 Summer Discovery program has begun! Summer Discovery is a program for all ages that promotes learning and literacy. This year's theme is "All Together Now" with a focus on kindness, unity and friendship. A great online resource that fits the theme is A-Z The World, opens a new window.

A-Z The World, opens a new window provides information on all countries of the world. From national symbols to maps and travel destinations to business etiquette, there is something for everyone no matter your age. Each country’s language section has video lessons to learn popular words and phrases. For the foodies out there, multiple recipes are available for each country, ranging from appetizers all the way to desserts – more than enough, in fact, to create a full-course meal!

A-Z The World, opens a new window ties into the All Together Now theme in a number of ways, such as:

Learning unity: Our country is known as a melting pot of many cultures with new people arriving all the time. Use this resource to learn about the cultures of those around you.

Showing friendship: Learn to say ‘hello’ in the language of your neighbors and visitors from other countries.

Providing kindness: Gather with others to share a meal using recipes from countries around the world.

Finally, just in time for summer, this is a great resource to check out the points of interest for each country – perfect for all armchair travelers to enjoy!

Find this resource linked on the Library’s History & Culture, opens a new window and A-Z Resources, opens a new window webpages.