Starting a Business Questions

Where can I get help to improve my business plan?
Counseling is available from local incubators including BRITE, WE, and Minority offices.
Other places include Valley Partners, mentors, and once you have a business plan at YSU SBDC.

Business Plan
What resources are available to help with my business plan?
Business Plan Templates (Fill-in)
Business Plan Examples
·         Business Plans Handbook (search on right side -within series)
·         SBDCNet Business Plans
·         Reference Solutions or Mergent Intellect
Demographics & Statistics
·         Finding statistics through Gale DemographicsNOW, Traffic counts by street
·         Finding customers through Reference Solutions
·         Finding suppliers through

Is there free money for my business to get it started?

Are there grants for my business to get it started?
Check with local (township, city, county), state, and federal representatives.

Legal Forms
Are their legal form templates that are available?
Yes, LegalForms database has many including an operating agreement for an LLC.

Starting Up
Where can I go to start a business in Ohio?
One Stop Business Ohio is a starting place for all business in Ohio including hiring and personalized checklist to your business of requirements.