Steps to Complete Before Writing a Grant Proposal

Step #1: Find a Match 

Attend an Introduction to Finding Grants class at The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County to find a list of possible matches.  


Step #2: Do Your Research 

Follow up with more research about the chosen organization. What requirements do they have? Writing a Letter of Intent (LOI) may help put you on the path to success. 


Step #3: Plan 

Prepare to write your Letter of Intent. Gather information that explains your goals and objectives. The document should clearly explain your organization, plans, and the way donors can benefit from supporting you. 


Step #4: LOI Writing 

  1. Your Summary Statement: Who, what, when, where 
  2. Statement of Need: Explain why and who benefits 
  3. Project Activity: What and how about the project (longest part) 
  4. Outcomes: Evaluation 
  5. Credentials: Staff details, background, awards, rankings, and measurements 
  6. Budget: Funding needs and amount 
  7. Closing: Opportunity to Submit RFP 


Step #5: Proposal 

Write a full proposal. This will include the same information as an LOI but include much more detail.