Summer Discovery 2023: All Together Now

Summer Discovery runs May 1 - July 31, 2023 at all PLYMC branches! Summer Discovery is a program for all ages that promotes learning and literacy. This year's theme is "All Together Now" with a focus on kindness, unity and friendship.

Starting May 1, register at your local library branch, opens a new window or through the ReadSquared app or website. Participants will receive a free t-shirt upon registration while supplies last (if you register online, you will need to pick up your shirt at a PLYMC location).

Participants can earn points per day by reading, visiting the Library or doing something kind in our community. Earn up to three points each day by doing all three activities! 

At each 10-point milestone, you will receive a ticket to vote for a cause that you would like to support and learn more about. There are four categories to choose from including:

  • Animals (animal rescues, pet shelters, etc.)
  • People (shelters, food banks, etc.)
  • Community (parks, community theater, historical societies, etc.)
  • Learning (Friends of the Library, museums, etc.)

Each branch will schedule a program by the end of the year to support and learn about a local organization serving their community in the category with the most votes. 

You will also receive a plant-able paper flower that is embedded with wildflower seeds at every 10-point milestone!

You need 90+ points to complete the program! Once you hit this milestone, you'll receive a book or you can elect to give your book to another through our Community Engagement Department. You'll also receive a plant-able wildflower seed paper bookmark. Continue to earn votes all summer even after you have earned your final book prize!

Visit our website or a PLYMC location starting May 1 to register! Until then, check out our events calendar, opens a new window to see what's happening at the library or browse our catalog, opens a new window to find your next read.