YA Book and Cats

There are few things that go together better than books and cats. Do an internet search for “library cats” or “bookstore cats” and you’ll find that books and cats go together like cookies and milk. Or butter and popcorn. Or chips and salsa. They’re just meant to be together. 

 So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that cats are often pets in YA books. Given that cats are incredibly independent, look at us as simply the givers of food, and easily ignore us when we displease them, it makes sense that some of these characters prefer their feline friends over other pets. Now, let’s look at some books that feature cool cats. 

The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert 

 Marva’s classmates know that she’s smart, driven, and passionate about changing the world. What they don’t know is that she’s the human behind her internet-famous cat, Eartha Kitty (or Selma, as she’s known to Marva and her family). And she’s okay with that...until Selma goes missing on election day. Now, as Marva is helping Duke find his proper polling location, she may have to put herself in front of the camera – and Duke – to ask for help. 

 A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney 

 Can we have a list about cats in books without an Alice in Wonderland retelling? In this socially relevant, Atlanta-based retelling, Alice has two cats, Lewis and Carol. While they don’t impact the story much beyond a nod to the author of the original stories, there’s also the Cheshire Cat. Part of the fun of this novel is figuring out which character lines up with the character from the original. The parallel to the Cheshire Cat isn’t quite so clear, but that’s okay...you might find out in the sequel! 

 Coraline by Neil Gaiman 

 When her parents move the family to an old house in a new town, Coraline isn’t too happy. But she does find a cat, so it can’t be all bad. When she travels to the other world, the cat (who remains nameless throughout the story) is able to talk. That’s when we learn that he is full of sarcasm (as we would expect cats to be). Eventually, he warms up to Coraline and acts as her guide in the other world. He even tries to help her defeat the Beldam so she can return to her real parents. 

These cats may be fictional, but at least you can enjoy them without making your own cat jealous...unless your cat can read. In that case, definitely post a video. I’d like to see it. 

 Happy reading!