Irish American Heritage Month

Many people trace their heritage back to Ireland’s shores. In March, we recognize their contribution to America. Congress first passed the joint resolution in 1994.

How to observe Irish-American Heritage Month:

1. Watch an Irish movie by borrowing it from the Library. Our recommendations include Calvary, Brooklyn, The Secret Scripture, Wild Mountain Thyme, Leap Year, The Hole in the Ground, PS I Love You

2. Read a book about Ireland. Check out our picks below!

3. Plan a trip to Ireland using travel books and the internet. Plan where you would go and what you would see.

4. Take part in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Food, dance, and music are some of the local culture events that take place.

Lastly, try these other activities or quiz questions for Irish American Heritage Month.

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Irish Books

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Celebrate Irish American Heritage month by reading something new to you.

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Irish Movies

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Celebrating Irish American Heritage Month by watching a new movie.

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