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National Pug Day!

pug lounging in grass

October 15 is the best day of the year: it is the day that we celebrate the adorable little dog known as The Pug. This holiday was developed in 2012 to “celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next pug from the shelter… read more >>

Beer – Ale, Lager…Oh My!

Hand of bartender pouring a large lager beer in tap. Pouring beer for client. Side view of young bartender pouring beer while standing at the bar counter.

Here we are in October – a month which often has various Oktoberfest celebrations occurring.  And where there’s an Oktoberfest, there’s usually beer. Recent years have seen a growing interest in the craft of brewing. With all this interest in beer, it’s amazing that there is not yet an official national beer month; although, according… read more >>

The Book was Better

It’s an eternal question – one that has started countless debates, divided houses, ended friendships, and destroyed relationships.    Ok, maybe it’s not that serious, but ask any reader if the book was better than the movie and you’d better be prepared to listen to at least a five-minute rant speech.  But to help settle the debate, let’s compare ratings on two… read more >>

Dial-a-Story Monthly Schedule

Dial-a-Story for September If you love story times and audiobooks or you want to participate in library programs but don’t have access to a computer, you can simply call our special phone number to hear recordings read by librarians and special guests.  We read picture books, chapter books, poetry, short stories, original writings, STEAM/Science info,… read more >>

Chewing Gum In History

Taking chewing gum

September 30 is National Chewing Gum Day.  Besides exercise for the jaw, the history of gum chewing is flavorful!    Scientists have found a wad of birch resin with tooth imprints that was chewed in Finland from 9,000 years ago.  Why did they chew it?  Maybe for the same reason we do: enjoyment.  Maybe they also like the fresh breath… read more >>