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Vinegar Solutions

Baking soda with vinegar, natural mix for effective house cleaning

Both brown apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are some of the most versatile products in your kitchen pantry. You can use them both indoors and out.  White vinegar is made from fermented alcohols, such as corn. White vinegar is usually used as a cleaning and degreasing tool. Brown vinegars are made from cider, malt,… read more >>

Naturalization Records

Old photo album, historical photos, magnifying glass image for Family History Heirlooms

All Aboard the Citizen Ship! Using Naturalization Records to Find Ancestral Homes  Summer is a great time to take genealogy road trips, and here’s one you can enjoy without leaving Mahoning County.  Finding the overseas homes of our ancestors can be challenging, but the results when successful are rewarding and open up a whole new set of challenges and discoveries.    When the place of birth… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy


YA Book Reviews by Amy: Difficult Reads Trigger warnings, or content warnings, are statements usually created by the author, or a reviewer of a book to warn potential readers about the sensitive topics that are presented in the title (whether it is only mentioned or a theme throughout the book) that could cause a reader… read more >>

Fun With Children’s Poetry

book love

Have you ever just made-up words that rhyme? Chances are a poem was just created. Children have a wonderful way of putting words together that seem to go wonderfully. Poetry is a fun way to spend time together with others talking and singing about thoughts, ideas, and emotions.  A poem is a collection or arrangement of words that express… read more >>

Marnie’s Spanish 101: Sea Animals – Animales del Mar

spanish blog

Spanish for Kids – Español Para Niños   ¡Hola! Welcome to the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County’s Spanish 101 blog series! Here you will find some wonderful resources, book suggestions and activities to help you and your little ones learn Spanish and have fun while doing it.  This week, we’re going fishing! Let’s learn the Spanish words for some of the most popular… read more >>

YA Book Review by Amy


YA Book Reviews by Amy: One Sentence Challenge TikTok videos on average are around 16 seconds long (60 seconds at most), tweets are limited to 280 characters, and blurbs on the back of a title are only a sentence or two. These short descriptions or recommendations must be eye catching and clever while getting to… read more >>